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We received a supply of 3D Printed Barrels which required pressure turning from 6.6mm dia to 6.35mm dia with a tolerance of -.05mm.

Hardinge Conquest T42

Using the Colchester 3000 CNC Lathe, Paul is drilling an 8.8 mm hole in a Piston Release made from AISI 4140.

This Piston Release is part of a batch of components we are currently manufacturing for the Oil & Gas Industry.

Drilling on a Colchester 3000 CNC Lathe

For some years now we have been working closely with The Imagination Factory. Their #projects require #precision #components made from slightly unusual materials.

" Paul and Alison always offer a friendly timely and professional service. We often have difficult to make parts in strange materials on a short lead time and small quantities and find that Tromec deliver" Matt - The Imagination Factory

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